William Channon | SMARTair
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Contemplating going keyless? There’s no question that electronic access control systems are becoming ever-more popular and, for anyone thinking about making the switch, the advantages are obvious.

  • Intelligent, powerful and affordable, access control offers a simple step up from traditional keys and the systems we use couldn’t be easier to install.
  • Sometimes the best solution is also the simplest.
  • Going key-free is, as our customers can attest, a smart move.
  • It’s cheaper to replace misplaced cards than it is lost keys and it’s much quicker too.
  • Electronic access control doors can be reprogrammed and there’s no need to replace locks and cylinders. More cost-effective than standard wired access control doors, it’s no great surprise that more and more people are turning to a product that, for so little, offers so much.
  • Here at William Channon, where we supply, install and maintain ASSA’s innovative SMARTair™ system, we’ve fitted access control in numerous Council housing applications and schools in our local area to great effect.
  • SMARTair™ can be installed in ANY building type, in ANY existing door system, to provide a secure environment that can be customised to meet ANY requirements.
  • Trustworthy, versatile and simple to manage and maintain, it couldn’t be easier to control (and change) access rights as and when required.
  • That SMARTair™ is scalable means that the system can be expanded should the need arise further down the line.
  • This is a system that is tailored to meet YOUR needs. This is smart.

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