William Channon | DP 2400 / 4400
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DP 2400 / 4400


ASSA have chosen us to be a member of their Vantage Partner programme, therefore we are one of a small number of firms who are able to install and service ASSA’s products, including the ASSA dp range of cylinders and padlocks.

The ASSA dp 4400 range of cylinders offers extremely high security and full resistance to any currently known method of picking. It may also be included in the same master key system as lower-cost dp 2400 cylinders, allowing the level of security to be tailored to the requirements of each door throughout a building.

ASSA dp combines different levels of security in a single lock system, without the users requiring more than one key.

ASSA dp has the following features:

  • Extremely high security
  • Full resistance to all currently known methods of picking
  • Case-hardened drill-resistant inserts
  • False gate positions for increased anti-picking protection
  • Patented keys and cylinder mechanism
  • Unique force-controlled sidecode function
  • Heavy duty 2.8mm thick keys made from hard-wearing nickel silver
  • Billions of usable differs available worldwide
  • Available at key control levels Restricted Registration and Absolute Registration
  • Every key combination is unique

Download the brochure or contact us for further details.