William Channon | CLIQ Electromechanical
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CLIQ Electromechanical

As a member of ASSA’s Vantage Partner programme we are one of a small number of firms who are able to install and service ASSA’s masterkey suites, including the innovative CLIQ™ range, an intelligent electromechanical locking system.

CLIQ is suitable for customers who need to change authorisations relatively often, but need mechanical security. The system is designed with the advantages of both access control and mechanical key systems, which makes it suitable for geographically scattered businesses.

CLIQ Remote makes it possible to give one person — regardless of location, anywhere in the world — remote access to a building. It also offers the option to decide the time of day an issued key will start and stop working, as well as in which doors.

CLIQ Remote has the following benefits:

  • A CLIQ key has a built-in clock and memory making it easy for an administrator to control authorisations
  • Validation of keys increases security if a key is lost
  • Traceability and logs create peace of mind for all users and coordinators
  • Remote updating of authorisations minimises work and saves time
  • The combination of mechanics and electronics provides a unique level of security

Download the brochure or contact us for further information and a product demonstration.