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Intumescent – the Why, Where & How!
Fire door safety, and ensuring the latest standards/specifications are being met, has been a major talking point since the Grenfell
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Maximum Security
  For anyone determined to keep their properties and premises safe and secure, we’ve long advocated an investment in our
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Electromechanical offers maximum security
Here at William Channon we like to consider ourselves to be both innovative and versatile. It’s for this reason, perhaps,
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Assisting the Police
Here at William Channon, we’re proud to be active in our community . . . Our responsibilities to those around
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CLIQ for key control
Increased confidence in the economy has led to a number of new start-up businesses opening across the country, and it
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Are your cylinders enough to give Houdini a challenge?
Illusionist and escapologist Harry Houdini always insisted that it was a Birmingham locksmith who gave him “one of the hardest
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Vigilance is key
Vigilance. You should never underestimate its importance. In regard to crime prevention and security, this cannot be stressed enough. Be
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Secure those opportunities
The audacious £200 million jewel heist that took place in Hatton Garden during the Easter Weekend has underlined one thing
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Take that break…
Planning to take a trip this Easter? It’s the perfect time for getting away, recharging the batteries and taking a
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Siren 6000 on wall-HR
Some alarm ing facts!
Do YOU have an intruder alarm? Really, you should. The reason? Burglars don’t like them. It stands to reason. You
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