Electromechanical offers maximum security

By Jim Caldwell,

Here at William Channon we like to consider ourselves to be both innovative and versatile.

It’s for this reason, perhaps, that ASSA Abloy’s award-winning CLIQ Remote system appeals to us so much.

So far in 2017 we’ve spent much time with the manufacturer and have been working on several fronts to put CLIQ’s countless benefits at the disposal of a broad spectrum of clients.

From a world-renowned hotel in London to a prominent art gallery, we’re also working with a local housing association and on several residential installations and have seen CLIQ’s virtues at first hand in recent weeks and months.

Since accompanying the ASSA team to the Housing Innovation Awards in February, where CLIQ was named the Most Innovative New Product (the shortlisting followed a large-scale installation on behalf of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, with the brief to regain control of void properties, maintain security and keep costs under control), we’ve been hugely impressed with the system’s remarkable adaptability.

Spanning different industries and attractive to clients large and small, it has been underlined to us that CLIQ offers advantages that are far beyond those of a traditional mechanical locking system.

Our greatest challenge to date this year has been the hotel installation mentioned previously, but the CLIQ system and our team proved themselves to be more than up to the job.

Requiring 245 CLIQ cylinders, 1000 CLIQ user keys, 14 updater units and 9 key programming units, this was a project that needed to be completed quickly so that the client could start to sell rooms once more. In all, we were on site with ASSA for a full month, including the commissioning, training and two-week installation, which required bedroom knobsets to be removed, dismantled and cleaned, reassembled with CLIQ cylinders and sent back to the installation team to be refitted to the doors.

It was quite an undertaking, but one that emphasised that CLIQ is a system ideally-suited to such large-scale projects. The same is true of our housing association work and the aforementioned art gallery installation, but because CLIQ is so versatile, it is equally appropriate for individual residential properties and, as such, we’re keen to extol the system’s virtues to clients and customers of all sizes.

CLIQ is an intelligent electromechanical locking system that, due to its innovative design, offers countless benefits across the board. Its access rights feature lends itself to sensitive areas, particularly where health and safety is a concern and/or work permits are required, whilst its audit trail feature and the ability to cancel a lost or stolen key offer obvious advantages that surpass all other alternatives. The integration of maximum physical security with electronic programming ensure that no risk arises following the expiry of patent protection. This is just the start.

Making it possible to give one person – regardless of location, anywhere in the world – remote access to a room/building, whilst also offering the option to determine when an issued key will start and stop working (as well as in which doors) gives CLIQ a cutting-edge adaptability that we haven’t encountered in other systems.

It might sound like a cliché, but the options are endless.

It’s features such as those outlined that makes CLIQ appeal to us as much as it does. It’s for these reasons that we’re so keen to make it available to clients old and new.

Because CLIQ is innovative. Because CLIQ is versatile. Because CLIQ offers benefits to all. To different industries. To business and residential customers. To projects large and small.

Here at William Channon we’re proud to be working with ASSA Abloy and to be at the forefront of furthering an award-winning product as impressive as CLIQ.

Like to find out more and discover the benefits and advantages available to you? Please feel free to contact us, we’d be delighted to outline the options.

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Assisting the Police

By Jim Caldwell,

Here at William Channon, we’re proud to be active in our community . . .

Our responsibilities to those around us are taken seriously.

So, when we were invited to join forces with local police officers and Neighbourhood Watch organisers in an attempt to raise awareness of a recent rise in burglaries in the area in and around our business, we had no hesitation in accepting.

The area in question is in North London, where opportunistic intruders have been more active than usual in 2015.

During a recent three-month period, thieves struck almost every other day . . .

Between March and June 39 burglaries were reported in this area, dramatically up from last year’s figure of 28.

Determined to buck the trend and make residents aware of the issues (and the measures that can be taken to tackle them), PC Allan Greig – the dedicated ward officer – enlisted our help.

Last week, we met with residents from the streets in question and outlined the options.

Our main focus, perhaps unsurprisingly, was on locks . . .

Our message was this: If the locks on doors and windows are not up to scratch, those determined to gain access WILL find a way in.

Changing locks, updating locks and making sure locks meet the latest standards is the most effective crime prevention tactic there is.

Getting someone trustworthy, reliable and competent – a licensed member of the Master Locksmiths Association – to make the arrangements is an absolute must. When it comes to security, you should never cut corners.

‘We’re asking residents to check their home security and, if they feel they need advice, to contact us,’ said PC Greig. ‘These things really do help to reduce crime.’

Here at William Channon, we’re delighted to make the same offer . . .

Concerned about security? Contact us. Need advice? Give us a call or pop in and see us. There’s no obligation, no hard sell or arm twisting and we’re more than happy to come out, take a look and make some suggestions. There’s no charge for advice here. Be it the best products available, or the common-sense measures that can be taken in order to reduce the risks, when it comes to crime prevention, we know what we’re talking about.

Christine Nickles, the local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator who joined us at last week’s event, said ‘We’re all conscious that burglaries are an ever-present possibility, so the deterrent factor is important. Prevention is better than the cure, of course.’

Here at William Channon, we couldn’t agree more.

Be it securing doors or windows, be it updating locks, be it fitting intruder alarms or domestic CCTV systems (we’ve just installed a demonstration unit in our North Finchley store if you’d like to call in and take a look), or be it simply ensuring that the back of the home is just as secure as the front (something that, along with PC Greig, we’ve highlighted to concerned residents), we have countless suggestions which, if implemented, WILL make our local area more safe and more secure.

Our responsibilities to those around us are taken seriously . . .

Here at William Channon, we’re proud to be active in our community.

Concerned about YOUR home security? Call in and see us, give us a call on 0330 1005313 or use our online contact form to get in touch.

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CLIQ for key control

By Jim Caldwell,

Increased confidence in the economy has led to a number of new start-up businesses opening across the country, and it is crucial at this optimistic time that companies remain focused on physical protection solutions for their premises, assets and employees.

Whether your office is on a major business park or a small stand-alone unit on the high street, it is vital to secure it against intruders.

Office block security is essential to keep staff safe, protect assets and prevent vandalism.

Access control systems enhance safety and security by restricting access to only those people with the necessary authority. These intelligent systems can be employed to allow visitors access so they can navigate through establishments easily, while allowing staff to gain further access when required.

With an abundance of access control systems available, choosing one can be a daunting task – that’s where we come in, as we are always on hand to offer advice.

We recommend ASSA’s innovative CLIQ™ range as an intelligent electromechanical locking system to the professional market.

The range is ideal for use in most environments from a single door upwards, and will improve security without the associated cost and complexity of a wired system. The range consists of electronic cylinders in various shapes and sizes and intelligent keys using the CLIQ™ Remote solution – an accessible key control access management system.

CLIQ™ Remote centralises commercial security systems, allowing administrators to manage multiple locations from one remote site, enabling an immediate response to incidents.

ASSA’s CLIQ™ electromechanical cylinder range is scalable to any size of environment due to its simple wire-free design, so it can easily be upgraded.

The CLIQ™ range can help organisations deal with a wide variety of security problems. For example, a high staff turnover can lead to unauthorised copies of keys and an unknown number of keys in distribution, both within and outside the organisation.

A copied or lost key is an immediate security threat, and replacing lock cylinders and keys (with the associated administrative work) can be highly resource-intensive.

Some organisations have hundreds of employees, so benefit from master key systems with patented key control, which restricts duplication if keys are lost or stolen.

Systems like ASSA CLIQ™ Remote help to minimise administrative work, allowing administrators to grant access or to block lost or stolen keys remotely. The keys are equipped with an electronic identity, which renders the key useless when blocked – even though it may fit mechanically.

For more information on how the CLIQ™ range can help your business contact us today.

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Are your cylinders enough to give Houdini a challenge?

By Jim Caldwell,

dp4400 High Security Cylinders and Padlocks

Illusionist and escapologist Harry Houdini always insisted that it was a Birmingham locksmith who gave him “one of the hardest tests” he ever had.

At William Channon, we believe that all cylinders should offer extremely high security and full resistance to any current method of picking (enough to give Houdini a challenge).

That’s why we encourage our customers to invest in ASSA’s dp range, which includes case-hardened drill resistant inserts, false gate positions for increased anti-picking protection and a unique patented sidebar mechanism with force-controlled sidecode function.

Not only that, but ASSA’s dp range offers keys that are fully protected by new international patents against unauthorised duplication. This ensures that keys can only be cut by authorised locksmiths against a letter of authority and proof of identification– making your business safer.

ASSA’s dp 4400 can be included in the same master key system as lower-cost dp 2400 cylinders, allowing the level of security to be tailored to the requirements of each door throughout a building. This permits the creation of a cost-effective solution without compromising security.

ASSA’s dp range has billions of usable differs available worldwide, ensuring that every key combination is unique and not repeated anywhere in the world.

Most people only think about their locks and keys in situations of need, but don’t just wait for something bad to happen, upgrade your keys, locks and cylinders today if you think your security could be at all compromised.

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Vigilance is key

By Jim Caldwell,

Vigilance. You should never underestimate its importance.

In regard to crime prevention and security, this cannot be stressed enough.

Be aware. Be prepared.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

You might recall that, last autumn, we mentioned on our blog a method being used to mark properties considered vulnerable as targets for future crimes.

In London (and beyond), intruders had been attaching stickers to doors, walls and gates. These stickers purported to advertise a locksmith service but the business was, in fact, bogus. Rather, this turned out to be a system used for identifying homes thought to be susceptible to a break in. Those whose homes were so marked could expect a visit from those intent on stealing their valuables. The vigilant were quick to remove the stickers, in the process reducing the risk. But as always, when it comes to crime, those responsible are enterprising and their methods are ever changing.

The sticker method is one that hasn’t seemed quite so prevalent in recent times (although there are bound to be burglars still putting their faith in this system).

Just this week, we heard about an alternative approach that is a little more sophisticated . . .

It is a code that uses eight signs and symbols (chalked on pavements, walls and lampposts) that provide important information to potential intruders.

Translated, the symbols have been found to mean Good Target, Vulnerable Occupant, Occupants Afraid, Wealthy, Alarmed House, Previously Burgled, Nothing Worth Stealing and Too Risky.

Police in Scotland have, in recent days, even gone as far as to ask anyone who spots a suspicious sign or symbol to contact them. This is thought to be a nationwide trend . . .

It has been dubbed the Da Pinci Code – an amusing aside, for sure – but for those on the receiving end, this is anything but a laughing matter.

In 2014, a 78-year-old dementia sufferer from Bedfordshire was burgled. Police later discovered four chalk crosses on a wall outside her home. For her, the finding came too late.

Have YOU noticed strange markings? Don’t ignore them. Remove them at once – stickers too – and make sure that all is secure in and around the home.

Is there a weakness? Do something about it. Make sure locks are up to date and fit for purpose and, if there’s ANY doubt at all, consult an expert.

Crime prevention is, in the main, about common sense . . .

Vigilance is where it all starts.

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Secure those opportunities

By Jim Caldwell,

The audacious £200 million jewel heist that took place in Hatton Garden during the Easter Weekend has underlined one thing that, for a long time now, we’ve been telling our clients and customers.

That thing?

That criminals are canny, intruders enterprising.

That if there’s a weakness or a way in, they’ll find it.

That premises – domestic and commercial, large and small, modest and magnificent – must be kept as secure as possible in order to keep thieves out.

That more can always be done in order to protect precious and cherished items.

Crimes such as that committed in Hatton Garden (those more akin to a script from a Hollywood blockbuster, that is) are rare because the systems that have been put in place are the best available.

Yet the fact that even these can be bypassed from time to time is something that should make us all stop and think for a moment . . .

About our own properties and premises.

About our own precious and cherished items.

About the lengths criminals might go to in an attempt to steal them.

About the measures we can take in an attempt to stop them.

The Hatton Garden raid required meticulous planning, which (in addition to the value of the goods taken) is what makes it so different to the kinds of crimes that we’re most susceptible to . . .

You see, households and businesses are at more risk from opportunistic intruders than criminal masterminds. That doesn’t mean that the threat should be taken lightly, though.

Indeed, when the temperature begins to rise (as it did during an unseasonably-warm Easter in London), that threat increases.

Doors and windows get left open. Homes unattended. Garden gates unlocked. Tools and ladders left lying around. Householders distracted. Properties and premises unsecured.

This might all seem like small beer but trust us, this is important.

Don’t underestimate such things.

Those who take their security for granted often pay a high price . . .

Not quite £200 million, perhaps, but losing precious and cherished items is not a pleasant business, no matter the scale.

Take it from us, the vulnerable feeling that follows is not one that anybody should experience.

Think about this and then think again about YOUR properties and premises. YOUR beloved items. YOUR attitude to keeping burglars out.

Criminals are canny, intruders enterprising and, if there’s a weakness or a way in, they’ll find it.

Take our advice. Don’t give them the chance.

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Take that break…

By Jim Caldwell,

Planning to take a trip this Easter?

It’s the perfect time for getting away, recharging the batteries and taking a break from it all.

There’s nothing better than a little spring sunshine.

There’s nothing worse than returning to find that burglars have struck.

Intruders LOVE unoccupied properties and are much likelier to attempt to break in if it’s obvious that no-one is at home.

Our advice?

Don’t be afraid. Go on that trip. Take a break. Recharge those batteries.

Just be certain that, prior to departure, your home is as safe and secure as it’s possible to be.


Get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the place.

Give the illusion that someone is home (use timer switches to operate lights, for instance, and make arrangements to stop the post piling up).

Secure precious items in the safe.

Set the alarm.

For those preparing to take an extended break, it’s always a good idea to ask an expert to evaluate the home for potential weak points.

Here at William Channon, we offer free surveys.

It’s just common sense really . . .

To take our advice on board is to ensure peace of mind.

To leave things to chance is to risk considerable upset that could forever cast a cloud over those holiday memories.

Recent research from MoneySuperMarket suggests that, although the focus tends to be on protecting precious items from intruders, the greatest damage is often to the victim’s long-term emotional wellbeing.

Studies suggest one in eight break-in victims never recover emotionally, with paranoid thoughts persisting long after the event and an underlying sense of vulnerability never going away. Victims are left feeling ‘angry, shocked and upset’, whilst 14% of those questioned admitted to leaving lights on at night as a direct consequence of the crime.

This is what we’re trying to guard against. No-one should experience such torment.

Easter is almost upon us and it is the perfect time for getting away, recharging the batteries and taking a break from it all.

But please take our advice. For your sake, for your peace of mind, secure your home first.

Happy Easter.


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Some alarm ing facts!

By Jim Caldwell,

Siren 6000 on wall-HR

Do YOU have an intruder alarm?

Really, you should.

The reason? Burglars don’t like them.

It stands to reason. You see, alarms make an intruder’s ‘job’ much more difficult.

So much more difficult in fact that, for many, just seeing that a house has got an alarm is enough to make them look elsewhere.

To quote our friends at Yale, ‘Burglars bypass houses that require effort’.

It’s for that reason that Yale’s excellent Easy-Fit range is an important addition to our growing product catalogue.

The Easy-Fit range, as the name suggests, is suitable for self-installation and is designed to be as simple as possible to fit and operate.

Sometimes, the easiest things can also be the most effective.

Securing a home and keeping criminals at arm’s length doesn’t need to be a complicated business.

In our online store, we have (in stock) two different products (both at a great sale price) . . .

The first, the Easy-Fit Standard, is a basic keypad-operated system that is ideal for flats, terraces and semi-detached homes. The second, the Easy-Fit Telecommunicating System, is that little bit more advanced (users, for instance, receive an automated telephone call should the alarm ever be triggered) but both offer excellent protection for householders keen to tick the main boxes.

Not sure which system to choose? This all depends on YOUR personal requirements (this is something that our team are always on hand to advise upon).

Here at William Channon, it’s our opinion that prevention is better than the cure and, with this in mind, we can’t recommend an alarm enough.

The ultimate deterrent? The research suggests so.

Yale’s studies suggest 12 million consumers in the UK believe an intruder alarm is a deterrent, whilst 85% of police officers polled concur.

The most important people in evaluating this, however, are the burglars themselves. 60% admit that they’d be discouraged from targeting a house should an alarm be visible. This is a statistic that speaks for itself.

Yale’s research suggests that a home that has no alarm is two to three times more likely to be targeted. 60% of attempted burglaries at homes that have an alarm fail.

Take everything here into account and it should be quite clear that installing an alarm is a VERY sensible precaution.

Prevention is better than the cure so, once again, we’ll ask the question:

Do YOU have an intruder alarm?


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Video surveillance and CCTV for homes and small business

By Jim Caldwell,

Abus video surveillance

Our regular readers might recall that, last summer, we put together a post on our blog about domestic CCTV kits.

The gist was that, for such an effective product, usage in UK homes is rare.

Despite detailed research suggesting that properties that have an effective CCTV system are 90% less likely to be burgled, the team at Which? discovered that just 5% of householders use cameras to protect their homes.
Since reading these figures, we’ve been determined to do something about this.

It’s a pleasure to report that our latest line is the ABUS Plug and Play range, which we’re delighted to make available to our customers and clients.

Like all our products, there are different options to meet specific needs. Time-lapse cameras. Network cameras. Wireless Video Door Intercom. Digital Door Viewer. There’s a 7” Home Video Set Touch & App kit and a 3.5” Home Video Set.

Not sure which system YOU need? That’s what we’re here for.

No matter the product, all the items in this range share certain characteristics. They’re all quick and simple to set up. They’re all top-quality, with the emphasis on effectiveness. They’re all VERY user-friendly. They’re a great deterrent against anyone intent on committing a crime.

That last point, that’s the most important. You see, intruders bank on being able to operate undetected. To remove that option is to force them to abandon their efforts and look elsewhere. Should the worst happen and access be gained, an effective CCTV system makes identifying the offender (not to mention recovering stolen items) a great deal easier, whilst footage can often be used in a subsequent court case.

Taking such things into account, we find it most surprising that more people aren’t taking advantage of such technology. It’s something we’re sure is going to change.

Having seen the ABUS system being demonstrated last summer at IFSEC, we’ve no doubts that this is a product that can benefit our customers and clients (it’s suitable for small businesses as well as homes). It’s a system that can be expanded, it allows for mobile access, it makes surveillance simple and with footage stored on an SD card it provides an invaluable record, should this ever be required.

Does this sound useful? Drop us a line or pop in and see us. We’d be delighted to demonstrate a product that we’re certain is going to prove popular.

CCTV is effective so please do think about using it.

Not enough people, in our opinion, are taking advantage of a significant weapon in the fight against crime.

Here at William Channon, we’re determined to do something about it.

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Working with crime prevention professionals

By Jim Caldwell,

No job is too big or too small in our world of crime prevention.

This is a familiar phrase and one that, in the building industry, has become a bit of a cliche. That said, in our case it couldn’t be more true.

From securing one door to making safe several hundred, there’s no project that we can’t handle. This is a fact that has been underlined in recent times.

You see, following a Christmas encounter with an old friend who works for the Metropolitan Police Force, we’ve just undertaken a large-scale job that promises to keep us busy for the foreseeable future. It’s one that has REALLY captured the imagination of our team.

Our friend told us about a block of flats in North London that has become a target for thieves and intruders. Residents living there have suffered countless break-ins and, understandably, have been left feeling vulnerable and scared. The more we heard, the more it became clear that, unless something can be done, this is an issue that is certain to continue and perhaps even escalate. You see, burglars are ruthless and weaknesses will always be exploited.

Keen to help, we visited the site and, following a detailed survey, identified certain problems, not least the old Crittall windows that, more often than not, were being used in order to gain access to properties throughout the block.

The solution? Yale 8K106 metal window locks (two per window). These are VERY effective because the locks act independently of the window controls (handles and/or stay bars).

But this is just one recommendation we made.

Others included installing grilles and gates, domestic CCTV systems, wireless alarms and security lighting. These ideas and suggestions were passed on to the Police, who having added their own input, have met occupants to present the findings and outline the options.

It pleases us a great deal to report that, determined to tackle the crime that has become the scourge of their community, the residents were open and amenable to our ideas. We’re now taking enquiries and arranging installations and look forward to making the properties in question more secure, not to mention giving those living in them much greater peace of mind.

It is a big job, there’s no question about it, but it’s one we’re delighted to have taken on as it’s obvious that our services are needed and that, in making ourselves available, we’re able to make quite a difference.

Sharing our experience. Tackling crime. Securing properties. Thwarting thieves. Helping the vulnerable. Giving peace of mind. Protecting families. That’s what it’s all about really . . .

Concerned about crime? Is YOUR home at risk? Do YOU need our help?

Please feel to give us a call.

From a single flat to an entire block, there’s no project that we can’t handle.

It might be a cliche. But really, truly, no job is too big and no job is too small.

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Automatic door operators

By Jim Caldwell,

Ever given much thought to automatic doors?

Most people use them in one environment or another. But their merits – and the engineering skills required to ensure their successful (and safe) operation – don’t tend to be dwelt upon.

It seems to us unfortunate that automatic doors are, in the main, taken for granted.

But here, where our team see their benefits at close quarters, we couldn’t be more appreciative.

Just before taking our Christmas break, we completed an interesting project that required us to supply/install 10 automatic swing door operators (including all the associated safety sensors and access switches). This was our first such assignment. That there are more in the pipeline is something that excites us a great deal.

You see, automatic doors are as fascinating to us as they are invaluable to the general population. You might have passed through one this morning and not even noticed. Trust us, had it not been there (or had it been deficient in some respect), you’d have been all too aware.

In public buildings, and in private housing for the disabled and the elderly, automatic swing door operators and door closers serve a crucial function. They’re important in environments that require hands-free opening, such as operating theatres and clean rooms. For those looking after children (in schools and nurseries, for instance), door closers prevent accidents. Such functions. So effective. Not even noticed. Taken for granted.

They’re designed this way, of course. To serve their purpose. To aid those using them. To keep people moving. To keep people safe. To do their job, but to do it quietly. Efficient, effective and understated (a little like ourselves).

To use a line from Abloy, whose excellent products we’re trained to specify, install and commission, ‘automatic swing door operators and door closers provide an efficient, reliable, sophisticated and safe method of opening a hinged door’.

Think it over sometime and then consider this question: could YOUR premises benefit from automatic door operators and closers? Should this be something that merits further contemplation, please feel free to drop us a line. Our experts are always on hand to outline the options and discuss the benefits.

Here at William Channon, we’ve given much thought to automatic doors in recent times . . .

It’s our opinion that YOU should do the same.

* Interested in automatic doors? Give us a call on 0330 1005313 or use our online form to get in touch.

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One last word…

By Jim Caldwell,

It is, as the seasonal song tells us, the most wonderful time of the year.


The Festive Period.

The run up to Christmas.

Here at our HQ in London, the team are all looking forward to the celebrations that lie ahead, taking a much-deserved break, enjoying the season and all that it entails.

First things first, though. There’s still a lot to be done.

This tends to rank among our busiest periods on the calendar, with more and more people getting the message that their homes and businesses, properties and premises could be made more secure and that this is the perfect time to do something about it.

Christmas is supposed to be a time for giving. That there are those intent on taking is a fact that cannot be ignored.

In order to help our customers ensure their properties (domestic and commercial) are as secure as possible, we’ll be open for business until 5pm on December 23rd.

Need assistance in the meantime? Be sure to get in touch as soon as possible. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Once the team has clocked off for Christmas, we’re not due to return until January 5th.

It’s our great hope (as always) that, when we do report back for duty in the New Year, there’ll be no tales about Christmas crime spoiling festive fun for us to hear.

This is important to us.

Christmas is such a special time and we’re determined to do our bit to ensure that our customers, old and new, can negotiate it crime-free.

Given all that has been achieved in the crime prevention field during 2014, we like to think that prospects have improved.

The products available are getting more effective all the time and the message is starting to have an impact. This is no time to become complacent, but great progress is being made.

Here at William Channon, we’d like to thank all our clients and customers, our suppliers and manufacturers, our followers and friends and everyone else involved with our business for helping make 2014 such a memorable year. We wish EVERYBODY a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Have a great time this December and savour the Festive Period and the run up to Christmas.

It is, as the seasonal song tells us, the most wonderful time of the year.

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