William Channon | AirKey and Xesar
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Thinking about investing in an electronic locking system?


Here at William Channon, where we keep a close eye on all the latest developments in security, we’re delighted to have added two great products to our ever-growing range.
Both from EVVA, with whom we maintain close links, Xesar and AirKey, the products in question, are perfect for those looking for innovative solutions that are flexible, versatile and simple to use and install.
For each, we have demonstration units at our base in London for those keen to take a closer look and see the potential benefits at first hand. For those whose businesses have outgrown traditional keyed systems, both offer options/solutions that can solve all those annoying/inconvenient access issues.
Take EVVA’s AirKey, for instance. Designed to suit businesses and enterprises based in multiple locations, this offers a flexible around-the-clock solution, with ‘keys’ distributed via the internet and mobile phones used to gain access.
Imagine enabling users to unlock doors in different locations using nothing more than an easily-installed phone app. Granting (and managing) access rights has never been more simple than this, an innovative and intuitive smart locking system that puts the emphasis on being inclusive and user-friendly. Like to find out more? Take a look at EVVA’s product pages or drop us a line for details.
Xesar – the second EVVA system that we’re so pleased to support – offers a cost-effective introduction to electronic locking and is designed, for professional use, with versatility in mind.
Simple both to install and operate, Xesar’s free software, unique EVVA key credits and beautiful, timeless design mean that this is a product that promises to prove popular.


The range featuring diverse products and various areas of application, that Xesar is such a flexible system is a major selling point.
Like to discover how it could be used to benefit YOUR business and its particular requirements? Please feel free to contact us so our team can run through the options or find out more here.
For anyone thinking about investing in an electronic locking system, we have a solution to suit all needs. Flexible, versatile and simple to use? Make it EVVA.