William Channon | About
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We wouldn’t have survived if we didn’t adapt to the times, ensuring we bring the most innovative solutions at the best value for money. We understand that presently times are tough, yet your safety is still a priority. That’s why we use our century of experience to bring you the best quality products and services that actually cost less over time, rather than escalating with maintenance costs like some.

We grew from our founders, Alfred Butler and Sons, over a century ago, and incorporated the business in 1917. Descendants of the founders continue to own and operate the business today. Despite our longevity we never take your custom for granted and continue to strive to excel in meeting your demands.

This history has allowed us to amass great knowledge within the architectural ironmongery and security industry as we’ve witnessed first-hand the products and practices as they’ve evolved over the years. This experience allows us to exceed your expectations as we understand not only the products that offer the maximum security for now, but also for the future. We haven’t simply attended a day’s training course like some; we’ve gained impressive qualifications over the years that make us the experts in our field.

Our licenced master locksmiths have all been chosen for their ability to withhold the William Channon reputation of giving excellent customer care, a reliable friendly service and detailed knowledge of the products and systems on offer today.

Whether you’re locked out of your home, or require full security for a new build, we’ll always be there to make sure you’re safe and secure.

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